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Can losing sleep damage your brain?
A study in mice found that long-term sleep deprivation led to a permanent loss of brain cells.

What would you call the next British space mission?
The European Space Agency is running a competition to name Major Tim Peake’s trip to the International Space Station.

Average graduate takes 12 attempts to find a job
The average graduate makes 12 applications before being offered their first job, according to a survey.

Do universities give applicants enough information?
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) says that many universities don't give prospective students important information.

Should there be lower tuition fees for science, technology, engineering and maths?
The Confederation of British Industry says more students need to study STEM subjects.

Minimum wage to rise
The government will be putting up the minimum wage for all ages in October.

Circus school gets new national status
Britain now has a National Centre for Circus Arts as a London circus school gets extra recognition.

Why are Nigeria’s native languages dying out?
More languages are spoken in Nigeria than almost anywhere else on Earth – but for how long?

Do bursaries help people stay at university?
A study suggests that bursaries don't make much difference to whether students finish their course.

Which are the world's most respected universities?
Universities in the USA and UK dominate a poll of academics compiled to discover the world’s most respected universities.