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Is university careers advice good enough?
A survey has found that more than three quarters of graduates are unhappy with the careers advice they got at university.

Do your genes affect how good you are with money?
A study suggests that some people are natural savers, while others are born to spend.

Employers who break minimum wage laws revealed
The government has named 70 employers who failed to pay the minimum wage.

Are apprentices paid enough?
Low wages could be putting people off vocational courses, warns the NUS.

Student Volunteering Week runs from 23 February - 1 March
Student Volunteering Week (SVW) is an opportunity for students to get involved with good causes across the country.

What is the strongest material in nature?
Scientists think limpets are literally the hardest animals on Planet Earth.

Are tuition fees bad for your mental health?
A study shows that students charged higher fees felt stressed for longer when starting uni.

UCAS to allow applications to European universities
Students will be able to apply in the same way as for UK universities from this year.

Why are fewer people studying languages at university?
The number of modern languages students has fallen 16% in six years.

Your chance to quiz top employers about careers skills
The Telegraph is looking for 14-18 year olds to take part in an online debate.