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How to be an archaeologist in your own home
The British Museum is searching for volunteers help to catalogue its collection of Bronze Age artefacts.

When is a pound shop not a pound shop?
Two pound shops in Dunfermline are caught up in a price war that has dropped prices to 93p.

Is student accommodation too expensive?
Some students need to spend over half their maintenance loan on somewhere to live.

Should the rich pay higher university fees?
A survey shows most people think tuition fees should change based on wealth.

Good luck with your A-level results!
We'd like to wish good luck to everyone picking up their A-level results today.

Are students getting better with money?
University students are spending less than last year, but one in three still don’t budget.

One in seven students has a full-time job
A survey shows that one in seven university students has a full-time job, either in term-time, in the holidays or both.

Why do young people want to go to university?
Getting a good job is the main reason most students want to go into higher education, but many are worried about the advice they receive on getting there.

How thesaurus misuse can lead to 'sinister buttocks'
Students have been warned to take care when using thesauruses to avoid writing nonsense.

Do you know what you’ll do if you don’t get the A-level results you want?
Many students don’t have a back-up plan if they don’t get a university place.