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What is the number one city in the world to be a student?
London comes number three in a list of the top cities for students in the world.

Are you interested in on-the-job training in the technology field?
Degree apprenticeships in the digital sector are being launched with the possibility of extending to other fields.

Is there a worse job than a 'paintball tester'?
A paintball company is advertising a part-time job testing paintballs.

Get a taste of US university life with the Sutton Trust US Programme
If you're in Year 12 at a state school or college, the Sutton Trust US Programme could give you the chance to experience life at a top US university.

Are you protected from webcam spies?
A Russian website containing live feeds into people’s homes and CCTV systems has been discovered.

Should education be free?
Thousands of students from over 40 universities took part in a national demonstration protesting tuition fees on Wednesday.

Would an app stop you playing with your phone?
Students have created a smartphone app in hopes of making people more sociable and less attached to their phones.

Do new rules make payday loans safer?
New rules will limit fees on short-term loans – but they'll still be an expensive option.

Anti-Bullying Week 2014
Anti-Bullying Week runs from 17th to 21st November.

Does disgust affect honesty?
A recent study shows the effect of disgust on subconscious decisions.