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Why are more students considering studying overseas?
A survey by the British Council suggests that the number of students who would consider studying abroad is rising fast.

Who is Britain’s biggest ‘cultural icon’?
Shakespeare is the most famous British person for people abroad.

Why do some universities get better results than others?
Research has found that some universities award more top degrees than expected.

The real alien invaders
Grey squirrels, killer shrimps and poisonous plants are amongst a number of ‘non-native’ species threatening the UK.

Are you angrier when you're hungry?
If you get grumpy when you're hungry, you're not alone: new research supports the idea that people get 'hangry'.

Help make a video about online safety
The Well Versed project is rhyming for a reason.

How have graduate earnings changed?
Research shows big changes in how much graduates earn when they start work.

What's the world's favourite number?
More people have an ‘emotional connection’ to seven than any other number.

What happens if you don't repay your student loan?
New research says that almost three quarters of graduates won't repay their student loan in full. But how will this affect them?

Why are zebras stripy?
The animals might have evolved their markings to protect themselves from bloodsucking flies.