Choosing a Best garden and mainlining it with lopper

The large majority of us live in urban settings, and so have very little space for a vegetable garden.  And yet somehow we all need to heed the counsel that “every family should have a garden”.  How can we do that?  Container gardening is the solution, and here are several important principles to guide your gardening efforts.

First off, you must have full sunlight and adequate water to have a successful vegetable garden, so find an all-day sunny spot before you do anything else. Make sure you have at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, and more is better. Also you need to have all the necessary tools and equipment for proper maintaining your garden. One of my favorite tool is garden lopper that is use to cut down all the unwanted branches and roots and make your garden look attractive and well maintained. We will be discussing how you can choose the best garden lopper for pruning in UK later in this article.

And be prepared to water every day.  Light weight container soil mixes have good drainage, which is good, but it means they are less forgiving of lapses in the application of needed water.  Remember that a plant is a water pipe and needs moisture at the root zone constantly.  Otherwise it will begin to wilt and die.

The next issue you’ll face is the details of how to build, fill and fertilize your containers.

Opinions differ widely regarding the answers to the following key questions about creating a container garden.  The right answers, if followed, will go a long way toward assuring your success in growing a bumper crop of healthy and tasty vegetables.

  1. Should top-soil be used, either by itself or mixed with other materials?
  2. Should manure and compost be used for the planting medium or soil-mix?
  3. What is the best ratio of materials to use for a container vegetable garden?
  4. Is it important to use organic fertilizers in addition to the soil mix?
  5. What size is best, in order to maximize yield in the minimum amount of space?
  6. How deep does the container need to be to provide adequate space for roots?

First of all, top soil is NOT recommended for use in containers, because it 1) is heavy, 2) is difficult to work with, 3) does not drain as well as other options, and 4) often contains one or more of the 3 “baddies” – disease, weed seeds, and bugs.
Every gardener should also consider the following three issues very carefully before using manure and compost in containers, raised-beds, or any other type of vegetable garden, especially as the main or only ingredients in the soil-mix.

  1. As much as 90% to 95% of the composted materials available to the typical family gardener have NOT been sterilized, or even heat-treated in the composting process. Why is this important?  Because in order to have clean materials they must be composted at 140 degrees or more for about 3 weeks, which is the time it takes to thoroughly compost organic materials aerobically, and that’s the only sure way to remove diseases, weed seeds, and bugs.
  2. In addition to the great potential for problems with disease, weed seeds and bugs, using manure and compost, even just for fertilizer, leaves you guessing as to what nutrition you are giving your plants.  You never see a list of plant nutrients or their percentages on a bag of manure or compost, because no-one KNOWS them.  One thing we do know is that the manure or compost contains much less nutrition than the plant from which it came, because 1) the animal received some, 2) some is lost in the urine, 3) some is leached out by rainfall, and 4) some (especially nitrogen) is volatilized into the air.
  3. And the third reason you need to be careful is that using manure and compost can lead to a salinity problem and burn your plants. For example, applying two to three inches of manure to the planting area of a soil-bed or container (200-300#) adds 7#-10# of fertilizer salts – all at once – to the soil in a 30’-long bed or box.  That’s more salt than the soil should have in an entire growing season!  Imagine the effect of applying that manure to the entire garden, or worse yet making it 25-50% of the entire soil mix!

Rather than using manure and/or compost in your container garden you will be wise to use two or more CLEAN ingredients for your soil-mix, including 30 to 35% sand (by volume) mixed with any combination of the following – sawdust, pearlite, peat moss, ground-up pine needles, coconut husks, coffee hulls, rice hulls, or vermiculite – depending on cost and availability.

Plants cannot “eat” animal excrement or compost.  Both must fully decompose and their organic parts must revert to water-soluble inorganic minerals before plants can access them.  It is the decomposition process of organic materials that requires red worms, bacteria, nematodes, etc. in the soil – not the plants themselves.

top garden lopper 2017The only things plants need besides sunlight, air, and water are small amounts of 13 natural mineral nutrients, dissolved in water and absorbed through the root hairs over the entire course of their growing cycle, rather than a large application of salts at one time.  I recommend applying only about 7 OUNCES of a balanced formula of water-soluble natural mineral salts per week to a 30 foot-long bed or box. Give your plants exactly what they need for sustained healthy growth.

Now let’s discuss ideal sizes for your containers.  Any length is fine, depending on available space.  But the width of both the container and aisles is important. You do not want to waste precious space in your garden, but plants need light and air, so the ideal width of beds is either 18” or 4’, with aisles between them of at least 3’.  Here’s why:

An 18’ width allows two rows of most plants, with room for light and air, plus feeding, watering, weeding, and harvesting between the rows.  And a 4’-wide bed allows 4 rows of most plants or 2 rows of very large or climbing plants grown vertically.  Details on growing vertically are the subject for another article, but suffice it to say that you can at least double or triple your yields in the same space by growing vertically.

And you only need container frames 8″ high.  If possible it’s good to set them on existing soil, so your plants’ roots can go into the native soil and get additional nutrients, but it’s not necessary.  You can even grow healthy plants on a driveway, deck, or a flat roof! Remember you’re feeding them everything they need with the natural mineral nutrients.

Garden Loppers – What you need to look for
The first thing you will notice when looking at the different kinds of Loppers in the market is that they come in different sizes, designs, and prices. They’re essentials tools for anyone who wishes to maintain their treed property and keep back those unruly branches. This is what pruning is all about. Hand Loppers With Light Weight Aluminium Handle Construction Design makes this Lopper Light in Weight and Strong for Lifetime Use. Therefore, the kind of Lopper you will select for yourself should be determined by the exact kind of activity you will be doing, your strength, your body size, and also your budget constraints.

  • But there are so many models to choose from.
  • You carefully remove parts of the plant – even healthy parts – to make it healthier still or more attractive, or to improve other qualities, such as its fruit-bearing ability.It’s important to point out that the emphasis here is on improvement, not removal.
  • It Provides More Comfortable Pruning and Helps to Reduce Arm Fatigue during Longer Pruning.
  • When growers are just starting their home’s landscaping, they may consider buying a mini lopper because the tool is easy to store and perfect for cutting small diameter debris.
  • And how do you know which is the best lopper for your needs?
  • While tools like chain saws can be effective pruning devices, they are principally designed for large-scale removal.

Anvil vs Bypass Lopper
Rust Resistant, Low Friction, Premium Quality Garden Tool That You Can Enjoy Using For Years. The mini lopper will cut branches that are up to 1 ¼ inches in diameter while the hooknose style prevents the debris from slipping out of the end. How can you tell a good lopper from a poor quality one? This article examines shearlike pruning tools meant for improving your plants. Bypass loppers are best used on softer green material. Gardeners can find the tool produced in carbon steel with a Teflon coating. The best tree loppers would allow you to cut small to medium sized branches with ease and illuminate the need for a ladder, thus, creating a safer environment in which to do yard work. Use bypass pruners on living stems ½ inch or less in diameter, as when cutting fresh flowers, pruning roses or raspberries, or snipping herbs from the garden. Since it creates a cleaner cut than anvil loppers, it promotes quicker healing.

Loppers for pruning
Their diminutive size makes them useful for hikers, hunters, and campers as the tool will easily store in small spaces such as backpacks. But let’s break it down even further than that. These cuts must be as clean as possible to maintain the plant’s health, so keep the blade sharp. If bypass loppers are used solely on green materials, they will rarely need sharpening as the blade doesn’t come into contact with anything that will cause dulling. The advantage of a compound pruner head is that the tool easily switches into a saw.
They resemble a pair of pruners or secateurs with long handles. Removing dead flowers, leaves and wood will not only keep your garden looking beautiful, but it will also keep your plants, bushes and shrubs healthy and encourage future growth in years to come. If bypass loppers are used on thick and dense dead wood, they will dull quickly. If the branches you’re trimming are bigger than the pruner can handle, this is great feature. There are various types in the market classified according to the type and style.

Types of loppers
Whether you’re looking to deadhead flowers in the garden or lop overhanging branches from a large hedge or tree, our guide will help you find the right tools to suit your gardening needs. There is a large range to suit your hand size and pruning requirements. The disadvantage is that the saw can get in the way if all you are using is the pruner. So I will help you pick the best according to the type of pruning you will be doing and according to your budget. Unless you lose them these secateurs really will last your lifetime.
It can also be damaged if you are using it in a dense tangle of branches. Bypass loppers are suitable for cutting living branches. Model no 2 are the original ones. On the plus side, the saw blade comes off, after a bit of a wrestling bout, with a wrench. Anvil loppers are more suited to dead, hard wood.
Later model no 8 was introduced with a more ergonomic handle. Using bypass loppers on deed wood could bend the lopper blade and break the bolt mechanism. Some loppers are also telescopic, meaning they can extend in length to reach high branches. Anvil loppers work with a crushing action. The extension length varies depending on the tool, but can make a 10-inch difference.
A heavy central blade pushing directly onto the “anvil” for the cutting action. Whether gardeners want pruning tools for trimming away dead flowers on houseplants or pruning shrubbery to encourage growth, some research can help to find the right lopper for the job.

Baby Safety Concerns – Some Top Tips For First Time Parents

A baby monitor video is easy to use; you will be delighted with it. Not only can you hear your baby you can also see your baby, even in a darkened room, the infra red night vision allows you to see baby without disturbing him and you will be alerted immediately should baby’s breathing become irregular.

The baby monitor camera means not only can you listen to your baby, but you can also watch your baby bringing a new peace of mind for new parents. Parents of toddlers can also benefit from this too, keep an eye on what your toddler is doing when you are popping out of the room for any reason.  A wireless baby monitor comes with a fantastic monitoring range providing you with great piece of mind and lets you monitor baby from every room in your home, letting you get on with other daily chores that need to be done, and if baby needs attention you will be alerted immediately.

Baby monitors have developed in a big way over the years, their technology now enables parents to feel fully reassured when it comes to safely monitoring their baby. No longer will you have to pace up and down the stairs all the time to check that your baby is OK, you just need to check the monitor.  Nursery monitors come with sound lights, sound lights are lights that react to noise, so when your baby is moving or babbling, one or two lights will indicate it. All lights lit means that baby is crying and in need of attention, you can keep the volume down as low as you like and still be alerted to your baby’s every move.

Child guard

A Child Guard infant monitor can help you to keep track of your child and keep them out of harms way. Simple to use, just attach the Child Guard baby monitor to your child and the other part attach to you. No more gut wrenching feelings of losing track of a child in a busy area with Child Guard baby monitors.

If your child goes beyond the distance you set, an alarm will sound immediately in the receiver unit. This is great protection for your child and peace of mind for you, keep your child safe and secure with a Child Guard remote safety alarm.  These Child Guard baby monitors are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and includes replaceable batteries. The adult child guard transmitter can be attached to a buckle or to clothing or it can even be worn as a necklace. The Child Guard alarm is cleverly disguised as a cute animal shape; no child will be able to resist this. There will be no struggles to get the child to wear it, they will love it and wear it immediately and they will be very oblivious for the reason they are wearing it.

Bunk Beds For Kids

bunk beds in UKKids love bunk beds, they love to sleep on the upper bed and have lots of fun there. But most parents have concerns about their kids falling out in the middle of the night from the top bed. Yes, there are certain risk about fall and injuries and that is why, the expert only recommends kids of age greater than six to sleep in the bunk beds. But there are many advantages of having beds and the most important one is it saves precious spaces. In modern world, the houses are becoming smaller and smaller; So you need to save space by having things that are compact.

In bunk beds, two kids can sleep at the space of one. Also modern bunk beds comes with lots of features and decors. There are many types of bunk beds available on the market from twin over twin to loft bed. One thing You should make sure while buying the beds is that it should be solid and well built. Never buy the cheap models as they are not safe and can break within months. The best bunk bed for kids of 2017 are reliable and last long. They also have many safety features that prevents child from falling and so that you can have good sleep. Here are some of the features you need to look when buying bunk beds in UK.

Buying Guide for Bunk Beds
Like we mentioned earlier, having friends over becomes a blast, and if you have two children who get along well, bunk beds can make best friends out of them. More often kids’ rooms are smaller than the other rooms. Bunk beds maximize space in bedrooms and can create a fun, casual environment. This style features one bed perched over a desk, drawers, open space or a perpendicularly-placed bed. Children who work together at an early age will be more likely to stick together when they are old enough to be out on their own in college, after college, and further along in life.

  • A bunk bed actually offers more room in their little bedroom.
  • However, because of their elevated design, bunk beds come with a certain element of risk.
  • A lofted bed over a perpendicular bed is most often called an L-shaped bunk bed for the shape the two make.
  • Keeping a family together in the long term is made easier by the childrens’ relationship with one another.
  • It also allows you to store stuff like toys and mini wardrobes in their room.
  • Bunk beds come complete with safety features to reduce this risk, but awareness and adherence to safety guidelines are essential to minimizing injuries.*Note that this is not a comprehensive list.

A lofted bed with a slim profile (not an L-shaped bed) works in a small room where floor space is precious, but where two beds aren’t necessary. This one was more important to me than to my husband. That would not be the scenario if you opt for two twin beds or a queen bed, which will take up most of their room. This is a list of things to consider while shopping for a bunk bed. A trundle bed is a third bed that fits underneath the bottom bunk and pulls out to allow room for a third person to sleep while not taking up floor space during the day. I didn’t want my kids to outgrow these bunks in just a few years because their heads were touching the bottom of the top bunk (or because they were kicking the bottom of the top bunk). I also thought it would be very nice if an adult (mom or dad) could sit on the bottom bunk without stooping or hunching over and cracking their heads. Especially if you have two really young kids and if one of them gets sick (God forbid), a bunk bed helps you manage him/her individually. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website for an in-depth look at bunk bed safety concerns. Most of us will immediately picture the standard style bunk bed for kids as two twin beds, one above the other, made of wood.

Maybe this won’t be as important to you, but it is something to consider. You don’t need to wake both of them up to address the situation like changing the sheets, or giving medication, etc. Bunk beds are available in several standard sizes. But today, bunk beds come in a variety of styles and types, with different features such as under-bed storage, a built-in student desk or a trundle bed. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to put all that overhead space in the kids’ room to good use and transform their sleeping area to a more lofty arrangement.

The most common size is twin-over-twin. The twin over twin bunk bed, also known as a standard bunk bed, is two twin beds stacked one on top of the other. Before pursuing this, it’s a good idea to stop and consider all the different options that are available. The most basic bunk bed configuration stacks one twin-size bed directly above a second twin-size bed, with room for a person to sit upright on the bottom bunk. Most twin over twin bunk beds can be separated into individual, freestanding beds. It can be tough to make grown up buying decisions without being properly informed. To make bunk beds feel more playful, you can turn one perpendicular to the other to form an “L” shape. Twin bunk beds can be made of wood or metal or a combination of wood and metal. The fact is, bunk beds have mutated, and new species have evolved.

Keep in mind that configuring bunk beds in an “L” takes up more floor space than the traditional design. They are great space-savers. Now there are all different kinds of bunk beds to choose from, and choosing the right specifications can be a real difficult task. There are also bunk beds that stack a twin on top of a queen-size mattress, and this design works well for guests or for older children who prefer a larger bed. Even if you’re decorating the room for one child, a twin bunk bed is an ideal way to be prepared for sleepovers or unexpected guests.

Baby Carrier

UK's top baby carrierBaby wearing is a great practice for keeping baby happy and to help build a stronger bond between you and your baby. Features to Look for: -Well-padded, adjustable shoulder straps -Sun shade to shield baby -Ergonomic design puts baby front and center – and close enough to kiss -Wide base strap -Wide seat for baby . Some moms prefer the cozy comfort of a basic baby carrier, while others want the multiple carrying positions (and extra support!) a soft-structured wrap offers. Seats and shoulder harnesses on backpack carriers are made of moisture-resistant fabric. You can use it from birth as long as your baby meets the minimum weight requirement; you can see your baby clearly; you can often breastfeed discreetly using a front carrier; you can bond with your baby. Infants love the snug hold of being carried on your chest, and toddlers often love to be carried on your back.

  • A carrier makes life with a newborn easier, whether you’re at home or on the move.
  • Many models have multiple positions for the wearer as well as the child.
  • Cons: Not suitable for very small newborns; slings offering front carrying have only a limited lifespan; you can’t use them once your baby is over a certain weight (usually a few months old); older babies ‘grow out’ of wanting to be carried on your front.
  • Carriers allow you to keep your baby close and content while leaving your hands free to perform other tasks.
  • Many parents opt to use websites such as eBay to buy a baby carrier, as this allows them to take advantage of customer reviews, potentially reduced prices, and view a greater variety of baby carriers than most retail stores carry.

The carriers usually have densely padded shoulder straps and hip belts, storage compartments, sun/rain hoods, and toy loops. The Moby Wrap is like one, big hug for your newborn baby. The Baby Bjorn Carrier One distributes your baby’s weight around your hips, and has been tested and acknowledged as a “hip-healthy” baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. But before shopping for a baby carrier, parents should familiarise themselves with the different types, and ensure they understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. Extras may include a changing pad, a removable diaper bag, a rear-view mirror to watch your baby without removing the pack, a removable insulated bottle holder, a detachable pillow so your child can nap on the go, and multi-storage compartments for baby gear.

A huge swath of fabric is wrapped around you and your wee one for the ultimate nestling experience. It is also anatomically designed to adapt to the changing needs of your growing baby, without increasing pressure to your back or shoulders. As the name implies, a multi-way baby carrier can be used in many different positions, allowing the parents to choose the best position for their baby. Plus, since the wrap is just one, big piece of cotton jersey fabric that you configure each time, it adjusts to various body types and grows with your baby. It also has a unique function that allows you to move your baby from the front to the back safely while still in the carrier.

Generally, multi-way baby carriers provide three positions. These carriers are ready for your little love as soon as they are born, without the use of an extra insert. Besides the standard back and front positions, some models also offer a special position for breastfeeding. However, your baby will most likely outgrow these picks when they turn 12-15 months old. Sometimes, a fourth position is added, and the baby can be carried on the hip if he or she can sit up without additional help. This position should be used with care, especially in case of any back problems. Multi-way baby carriers are easily adjustable and last for a long period of time, from birth to toddler age. Continue reading “Baby Safety Concerns – Some Top Tips For First Time Parents”

My Top Ideas For Wonderful Gifts

Do you want to surprise your loved ones by offering them a great gift for the coming festive season? Are you looking for some economical gifts which can save money? Here are five great festival gift ideas. Whether it’s for festivals, someone’s marriage day or birthdays, gifts play a central role in interacting and strengthening bonds with others.

Festive season is a pleasant time for receiving and endowing gifts. You can boost your festive mood by offering great gifts. Now-a-days, gift prices are mindboggling, as such, finding an affordable gift which saves your time is a challenging task.

1. A book by his/her favourite writer: Search your old book shelves to find the best author or you can go to the nearest book store to purchase a book. But before buying a book, you need to know the interests and habits of the person you want to present the gift. They should love to read books. There are many great authors with lucid writings, whose books are good enough to surprise your loved ones. There are variety of books in the market such as romantic, thriller, crime, comedy, fiction and inspirational. Select a book according to the taste of the person as it saves your valuable time.
2. Holiday baked goods: It’s certainly a pleasing present and you cannot go wrong with this: nuts, banana breads and pumpkin nuts are popular holiday delicacies, and can even be frozen and are easy to make. So are cookies, cakes and regular breads. You can pack these baked or roasted goodies in an artistic package designed by you with materials easily available at home using your creative instinct. For example, try packing cookies in an old coke can that is coloured and decorated with little stars or glitter paint. As these eateries can be made at home, you shall have some control on the expenses.
3. Handmade jewellery or box: You can give unique handmade jewellery or jewel boxes as gifts, rather than offering expensive jewellery boxes from jewellery stores. Handmade ornaments will show your love, hard work and attachment towards the ones receiving the gifts. You can steal their hearts by providing distinctive jewellery which is not available elsewhere. Learn jewellery making tips by browsing the internet to design unique and one-of-a-kind ornaments.
4. Picture frame: It is an ideal gift for your partner for this festive season. You can offer picture frames with impressive images taken with your spouse to make this festival memorable. You can keep a family photo or an inspirational quote in the photo frame. There are varieties of picture frames such as gold coated, steel coated and wood carved, available at affordable prices in the market. Select a photo frame within your budget.
Gift card: If you don’t have time to go for shopping, you can provide a gift card. It gives your loved ones a chance to buy what they want. Instead of clothes or such other stuff, offer a branded store gift card to purchase what they like. You can look out for gift cards offering discounts and offers, to save money.