Epilator in India – Better option than waxing?

If you are contemplating buying an epilator with lot of features and that removes hair smoothly, then hopefully this guide will help guide you in the right direction. The article contains useful tips and advice on how to purchase the best epilator in India for you without making any costly mistakes.

Epilators are now very common at the local department store or at specialty stores. With many women now wanting to use epilators as their hair removal tool of choice, many companies have begun developing their own line of epilators.

One such company is Braun, which specializes in its own line of epilators and hair removal equipment for both men and women. This article will focus on the female grooming line, which is being promoted by celebrity Jessica Alba with the tagline “break free”. Specifically, the article will talk about Braun’s epilator line, as it also has shaving equipment called a lady shaver, and a Gilette Venus Naked Skin machine that treats hair and lessens it.

The different kinds of epilators from Braun

The Braun epilator line offers many different variations of the epilator, depending on your use, your skin, and other factors. Their brand of epilators called Silk-épil offer many advantages for most people who wish to use epilators for smooth, hair free skin. The Braun epilator promises mainly smooth skin for up to four weeks. The basic model is the Silk-épil 3, while the Silk-épil 5 promises to remove even short hairs that wax will not be able to remove. These two are dermatologically recommended

The next in line is the Silk-épil 7. This Braun epilator has two versions—one which is for epilation only, and another which has the dual purpose of epilation and exfoliation of your skin. Not only do they get the smaller and finer hairs for a smooth finish, with a pivoting head for contouring around hard to reach areas, it also lifts away dead skin cells to keep skin fresh, clean, soft, and supple. The Silk-épil 7 is also dermatologically recommended and waterproof, as well having two speeds and being cordless for convenience and efficiency. These come with a charging stand and a pouch for storage and charging.

The Silk-épil 7 and other members of the Braun epilator line also have other attachments that can be put together with the Silk-épil epilators. These are used for sensitive skin, or for keeping the skin exfoliated and clean. They also help give a better, smoother, and more precise epilation, especially for smaller areas. Attachments may include a skin refinement brush, shaver head, a facial cleansing brush, a smoothing cap, a precision cap, and others that help not just in the epilation process but even make sure your skin is glowing, healthy, and smooth.

The Braun epilator line is very promising, especially because of the added benefits they give for your skin. It does not just promise you eradication of unwanted hair, but beautiful and smooth legs, which is the main reason why women remove the hair in the first place. Clearly this company knows its customers and what they want, and give them what they want in the form of a convenient, easy to use product that helps women “break free” from average beauty, and be the most beautiful that they can be.

Set your buget.

It is probably best to work out how much you are willing to pay. Like the old saying goes cheapest is not always best. Some of the cheaper epilators on the market can be poorly made and could work out to be more expensive in the long run. If you stick to the well known makes and models such as Braun and Philips you  cant go far wrong.

Look out for special features.

Lots of manufactures incorporate special features into their designs, some of these will be nothing more than gimmicks while others can be a real benefit when you start to epilate. Look out for things like:

Speed settings. Slower speed settings can be used on the more sensitive parts of your body such as your under arms. See are article on epilating underarms.

Attachments. Many Manufacturers include some very useful epilator attachments such as smaller epilating heads that can be used to epilate your upper lip and other parts of your face. They may also include shaver attachments that can be very useful for shaving longer hairs before you start to epilate.

Lights Some epilators have inbuilt lights that can be very useful to highlight any fine hairs that you may otherwise have missed.

Cord or cordless?

top epilator in IndiaA cordless epilator can give you much more freedom than a wired one. There are no wires to get tangled and neither do you have to be close to a plug socket.The difference of these two of feature is power availability and range. Corded epilators provides unlimited power because of its direct electrical connection to the main circuit, but only have limited space or range of operation in terms of distance from the main electric source or socket. Rechargeable epilators are portable, which means it can be carried anywhere, even without a main electric source, but it could only be operated in 40 minutes in maximum.

Read the reviews.

There is nothing like first hand experience to really get a feel of just what the product is like. But unfortunately it is not always possible to use or even hold the item you intend to buy. One other great method to find out if the item you have shortlisted really is the best epilator for you is to read the reviews from customers. These people have actually purchased and used the item and in most cases will give honest and accurate opinions on whether the product really does live up to the manufactures claims.

Why Use Epilator

An alternative way to remove hair from under the arms and legs, is the electric epilator, which is gaining popularity internationally. Waxing has many fans thanks to the smooth finish it provides on legs, the bikini line and the under-arm area. Also, if it’s too short, the tweezers won’t be capable of plucking it but that’s debatable since there are models that can remove even the tiniest hairs. Unlike waxing, which is quite literally like ripping off a plaster, there’s something prolonged about using multiple rotating tweezers to whip-out individual hairs. The epilator looks a little like an electric shaver and there are corded epilators or cordless rechargeable versions, which are much more convienient and easier to use.

  • But attending a salon for waxing can be expensive and time consuming, and many women struggle to find the time and money for regular appointments, often turning to hair removal creams or shaving in between sessions to manage regrowth.
  • I’m going to recommend such devices in this blog post on epilator reviews.
  • And, truth be told, on first go it isn’t always the most comfortable way to spend your time.
  • Some models come with a number of attachments to help tackle certain areas of your body, under your arms and around your bikini line.
  • When you are looking at the various different models of epilator that are available, you will notice that there are plenty of different types of epilators to choose from. <>
  • I don’t know what the recommended length is and let’s be frank no one measures the hair length on their legs, armpits, hands, or bikini area.

However, another truth about epilating is that the more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes – you can work your way up to the ease of a shave with the long-lasting results of salon waxing. As you glide the epilator over your hairy legs (sorry there’s no other way of putting it) the epilator traps the hair, pulling it away from the skin from the root. You could choose a wet and dry epilator, a dry only epilator, or you could even choose an epilator that has more functions in addition to simply epilating. You just know, it’s not rocket science.

Beauty is every woman’s number one concern and one of the ways to ensure you achieve your maximum potential when it comes to beauty is to take care of your skin. Using the epilator for the first time can be painful, but after several uses the pain decreases as the hairs grow back thinner. The type of epilator that you choose will depend on your needs and your budget. As I said above, epilators come with different amount of tweezers. Two important aspects of good skin care are eliminating any excess hairs and dead skin cells on your body and face.

Some consumers say that the pain is sometimes reduced when used in the shower or bath, but thin hair can be difficult to trap when wet (not all models can be used wet).After using the electric epilator, depending on your hair type, you shouldn’t need to use the epilator again for up to four weeks; which free’s up more time for you. Remember that the more expensive epilators often have the best features so be prepared to spend a little more. For sure, when someone wants to buy an affordable epilator, she doesn’t specifically search for one with a certain number of tweezers, but knowing this information will help her. Epilation is currently the best technology when it comes to hair removal. A low number of tweezers doesn’t automatically mean that you will have a bad experience, it only means that the epilation period will slightly increase and maybe you will need to go more than once over a certain area.

Epilator vs Waxing

With the exception of at-home laser hair removal devices, most forms of at-home hair removal yield only temporary results. Fuzz-free bodies have been the bain of our existence, women have wanted smooth, hair-free legs for a very long time. Waxing is a hair removal technique that has been used for centuries. Issy was initially quite scared about the pain, having heard that epilators can be uncomfortable, but once she started, she found that it was tolerable. “Once I was used to the feeling, it was bearable, especially for long-term hair removal. Traditional methods of removing hair fall into two categories: depilation, which removes hair at the skin’s surface and includes shaving, cream depilatory use, sanding and buffing; and epilation, which takes out the entire hair by the root and includes tweezing, threading, sugaring, waxing and epilator use.

  • So long in fact, that we have to go back all the way to ancient Egypt, where girls used to get rid of fuzz by using a paste made of oil and honey as an early form of waxing.
  • Egyptians like Cleopatra started the trend as far back as 60 B.C. with oil and honey, and considered being hairless as proper hygiene.
  • I think it’s more the fear of pain, but once you’re passed that and try epilating for yourself, you realise it’s not that bad at all.” I am a very unplanned and indecisive teenager; all my plans are made at the last moment and things just spur up at the very last minute.
  • This method of hair removal is no doubt the most common and less expensive option depending on the type of razor you choose to purchase.
  • Waxing is still very popular these days. it’s quick and easy and the results can last up to six weeks, depending on the individual.
  • This was later mimicked by the Romans, where being hairless was a sign of wealth and class.

This of course has its moments when I cannot wear my favourite outfit because it is sleeveless and I have not waxed my skin! It is also a quick process and easy to handle. With waxing, the hairs have to be a little bigger so that the wax can grab them. The high efficiency offered by both waxing and epilating make them perfect choices for removing hair. If I’m still very much tempted to wear it then yup, I turn to shave (which is very bad because when I was in school I used razors all the time and then I had black underarms for a while – EEW!). I’m also not a great planner to look which events are coming up, decide what I’m going to wear, and head to the salon to get waxing done. A couple of strokes here and there and you’re done! For me, that meant that I had to wait for about 3 weeks in order to have an efficient waxing session. However, removal of hairs from roots will result in a painful experience, which reduces with each successive session. You blink and your hair is already growing back.

That’s not pleasant in the summer because the hairs were pretty visible. Waxing is common as compared to epilation but epilation is also gaining popularity because of its less messy procedure. The stubble that comes with it is annoying and can make any significant other drawback in shock from the abrasiveness. On the other hand, it’s nice to have someone doing things for you. Waxing and epilation have certain advantages and disadvantages over one another. It’s nice to just relax and have a professional handle the problem of unwanted hair. We can compare both hair removal techniques on certain factors that may help in concluding that which ones best for your needs and requirements. I enjoyed that part of the waxing process.

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