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Have you had 'exploding head syndrome'?
New research suggests that a fifth of students in America suffer from 'exploding head syndrome', which was thought to mainly affect older people.

How making friends leads to making money
A study suggests that being more sociable at school is linked to earning more as an adult.

Do you need to be posh to get ahead?
A survey shows that many people think your background plays a big part in whether you can find work experience.

How much time should you spend on homework?
A study suggests that regular homework improves your results, but more than an hour a day may be too much.

19 A-level subjects to be dropped from 2017
A-levels including anthropology, leisure studies and applied science will no longer be available from 2017.

Should students pay fees?
A national survey shows that most people think some students should pay tuition fees.

Fraudsters targeting more young adults
Fraud is on the rise across the UK, and identity crime against young adults has risen by more than half.

Study shows A-level science can really pay off
Taking a science A-level can boost your earnings, according to a government report.

Can an app make your texts more impressive?
A new app adds long words to your messages to make you look clever.

Have you ever lied to make yourself look good?
A survey reveals the most common lies we tell to impress other people.