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Does disgust affect honesty?
A recent study shows the effect of disgust on subconscious decisions.

How to go from an owl to a lark
Recent studies show about only 10 percent of British people claim to be 'larks', or people who feel well first thing in the morning.

Should interns be paid minimum wage?
A study suggests that many university graduates cannot afford to do an unpaid internship.

Is hip-hop good for your mental health?
Psychiatrists say listening to hip-hop could help people who suffer from depression and schizophrenia.

Can you trust statistics about university?
A university professor says that statistics about how many people are unemployed after university can be misleading.

What do young people think about studying languages?
Students understand that learning a foreign language can be good for their careers, but are put off by ‘difficult’ courses.

Do online courses help to prepare you for university?
A survey suggests that taking an online course before starting university can build important skills.

Do students need help with their laundry?
A university has issued advice to new students to make sure they don’t get into hot water with their washing machines.

Could working unusual hours be bad for your brain?
A new study found that people doing shift work did worse on tests of thinking speed and memory.

What makes music catchy?
Scientists are researching why certain songs stick in your head.