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94-year-old to graduate after 75 years
American Anthony Brutto has finally finished the degree he started in 1939.

New 'nap pod' helps students take a break
The University of Manchester has added a special sleeping pod to its 24-hour learning area.

What are the most common errors on job applications?
Almost two thirds of job applications checked this year contain errors, new research suggests.

Should your A-levels affect your job prospects after university?
A major business service company will no longer look at A-level results for applicants to its graduate scheme.

It's election day - but what can you do if you're too young to vote?
If you're too young to vote, it doesn't mean you can't make your voice heard. Find out some of the ways under-18s can get involved in politics.

Do your exam results depend on who marks them?
Exam results at university can vary a lot depending on who marks them, according to a new study.

Why are students getting less happy with their accommodation?
Although student satisfaction figures are generally rising, the ratings students give their accommodation are falling, according to research by WhatUni?.

Apply for your student loan this month
New students have until the end of the month to apply for their student loans.

Should you be able to use Google in your exams?
The head of an exam board says that internet access should be allowed during exams to make them more like the real world.

Complete University Guide league table released
This year's Complete University Guide shows big differences across the different categories.