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Do you know how much financial support you could get to go to uni?
Many people don't know what support they could get at university, according to new research.

Does the way you look affect your chance of getting a job?
A study suggests your looks can help or hinder your job prospects, depending on the workplace.

Do students understand plagiarism?
A study reported in Times Higher Education shows that many students have the wrong idea about plagiarism and its consequences.

April 22 is Earth Day
Earth Day celebrates the environment and promotes environmental protection every year.

Are supermarket special offers a con?
'Dodgy offers' in supermarkets are tricking shoppers out of money, according to the consumer group Which?

Would you lie on a job application?
Almost a fifth of people have lied on a job application, according to a national survey.

NUS launches campaign against MPs who broke tuition fee pledge
The National Union of Students (NUS) is campaigning to get MPs who promised not to raise tuition fees voted out.

Could your ideal job be one you've never heard of?
Many pepole don't know about careers in construction like welding and glazing, according to a new survey.

Does it matter where you do your Apprenticeship?
Government figures show that apprentices in the south west of England are more likely to be successful – but the difference is small.

Bath students have the best time at university, according to survey
Sports facilities, community atmosphere and industry connections helped the University of Bath to the top spot.