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Is Wikipedia bad for your health?
Research suggests that information about health and illness on Wikipedia is unreliable.

Should students drink less alcohol?
The NUS has launched a campaign to tackle binge drinking.

Where can you go for careers advice?
A survey shows that parents and teachers are the most popular sources of careers advice – but are they the best?

Which singer has the greatest vocal range?
Axl Rose has managed to hit more notes than other pop and rock stars in his career.

New apprenticeships could help you into finance and accountancy
Applications for the new CIPFA Finance Apprenticeship close on May 30.

Are degree courses good value for money?
A new survey has found big variations in whether students think their courses offer good value for money.

Are too many students applying for medicine?
Fierce competition for places means some students should consider different courses, says the government.

What is the biggest scientific problem facing the world?
A £10 million prize has been launched to solve the world's biggest scientific problem - once the organisers have worked out what it is.

Which universities have the best student experience?
The University of Sheffield has topped a survey asking students about their experiences at university.

Should prescriptions be free?
Experts have called for prescription fees to be scrapped in England.