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How long do employers spend looking at CVs?
You have just under nine seconds to impress.

More companies planning to recruit school-leavers
A survey of graduate recruiters suggests that companies may be more willing to offer jobs and training to people who don't want to go to university.

Do you want a website to help you get a job?
Be part of an exciting new project to develop a Europe-wide online learning community around improving employability skills.

Student finance applications for 2015-16 open in England
If you're from England and starting university in September, you can apply for your loans and grants now.

Do you want to cover the general election for the BBC?
The BBC is looking for 18-24 year olds for its Generation 2015 project.

What are the most overused words in career profiles?
A list of the most overused words in career profiles suggests 'motivated, passionate' people are ten a penny.

Which are the greenest universities?
Plymouth University is top of a survey to find the British universities with the cleanest environmental credentials – although many universities didn't take part.

Why does an American university want people to post them soil?
Researchers are calling for donations of dirt from around the world in the hope of discovering new drugs.

Why are more students getting firsts?
A record number of students got top marks for their degree last year.

How extra-curricular activities can help you get into university
A survey of admissions departments shows that achievements outside school are more important than ever when applying to university.