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Could text messages get more students voting?
Text messages will remind students to register to vote when they arrive on campus.

Minimum wage for apprentices to increase by 20%
Apprentices will earn an extra 57p an hour from October, bringing the hourly wage to £3.30.

Does a year abroad boost your career?
A report suggests that spending time abroad during your degree could make you more employable.

What can an apprenticeship give you that other courses can't?
Apprenticeships develop skills you can't get on an academic course, according to a survey of business leaders.

Which are the world's most respected universities?
UK universities rise up a poll of academics compiled to discover the world’s most respected universities.

Students could receive an extra £15,000 if they agree to become teachers
A new bursary will offer up to £15,000 to maths or physics students who agree to become teachers after university.

What are young people’s top career choices?
More 14-18 year olds picked teaching over any other job.

National Apprenticeship Week 2015
Celebrating the many ways apprenticeships can help apprentices, employers and the wider community, National Apprenticeship Week features events across England.

First newly-built university in 30 years
NMITE university hopes to attract female students into science and engineering.

March 5 is World Book Day
World Book Day celebrates reading and raises money to help people across the world access books.