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Are you protected from webcam spies?
A Russian website containing live feeds into people’s homes and CCTV systems has been discovered.

Should education be free?
Thousands of students from over 40 universities took part in a national demonstration protesting tuition fees on Wednesday.

Would an app stop you playing with your phone?
Students have created a smartphone app in hopes of making people more sociable and less attached to their phones.

Do new rules make payday loans safer?
New rules will limit fees on short-term loans – but they'll still be an expensive option.

Anti-Bullying Week 2014
Anti-Bullying Week runs from 17th to 21st November.

Does disgust affect honesty?
A recent study shows the effect of disgust on subconscious decisions.

How to go from an owl to a lark
Recent studies show about only 10 percent of British people claim to be 'larks', or people who feel well first thing in the morning.

Should interns be paid minimum wage?
A study suggests that many university graduates cannot afford to do an unpaid internship.

Is hip-hop good for your mental health?
Psychiatrists say listening to hip-hop could help people who suffer from depression and schizophrenia.

Can you trust statistics about university?
A university professor says that statistics about how many people are unemployed after university can be misleading.