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How 'placebo sleep' can boost your brain
A good night's sleep can make a huge difference to your work and study the next day - but how well you think you slept could be just as important.

Why you should apply for your student finance now
The Student Loans Company has issued advice to make sure you get your money on time.

New robot sensors are the cat's whiskers
Electronic whiskers are the latest technological development to mimic the natural world.

Why part of Germany wants to be more French
Saarland believes becoming bilingual will improve its economy.

Is there spam in your fridge?
It's not just your phone and computer that need to be kept secure: attackers have even taken over an internet-connected fridge.

Student finance applications for 2014-15 open
Students can now apply for their student finance packages for 2014.

The surprising maths that makes comparing yourself to your friends dangerous
If you've ever felt like your friends' lives are going better than yours, don't despair: it could just be a quirk of mathematics.

HS2 college to provide specialist training
The HS2 high-speed railway will have an unusual extra facility – a college.

Help to tell the story of World War I
Operation War Diary needs you.

UCAS application deadline: Wednesday 15 January
Applications for most university courses need to be in by 6pm on Wednesday, 15th January.