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Which are the most welcoming universities?
A new survey shows which universities do best at making freshers feel at home.

Is a good economy bad for languages?
Languages are dying out faster in the developed world.

Should new species still be named in Latin?
Experts say biological classification should now be done in English.

How to make a robot sheepdog
Scientists have come up with a mathematical model of the way border collies herd sheep.

Can broccoli give you a tan?
Eating vegetables could give you a healthier glow than sitting in the sun.

Do teenagers sleep differently?
At one new sixth form, lessons won't start until the afternoon - and some scientists say more young people should get a later start.

Why are more students studying Spanish?
Spanish could soon be the most popular language taught in schools.

Why are more students staying at home?
More students are choosing not to move away to go to university, even if it means a long commute.

How much do students spend in different cities?
A new survey looks at the cost of living across the UK.

Good luck with your GCSE results!
We would like to wish good luck to anyone receiving their GCSE results today, and hope that you get the grades you worked so hard for.