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Does music change the taste of food?
Scientists say certain sounds can make things taste sweeter or bitter.

More universities offer language students a year abroad for free
Sunderland is the latest university to drop tuition fees for language students during their year abroad.

What are students' biggest worries?
Money is the number one concern about university.

More students applying for jobs before graduation
The number of students applying for jobs during their last year of university has risen from 31% in 2009 to 43% this year.

Why don’t enough students study technology courses?
Young people are lacking the digital skills needed for new jobs, it has been warned.

Would you bank with a supermarket?
Tesco is now offering current accounts - but how do you choose the best bank account for you?

Universities Week 2014
This week is Universities Week, celebrating the contribution higher education makes to the UK.

How was the moon made?
Scientists claim to have proof that the moon was created from the wreckage of the Earth crashing into another planet.

UCAS reply deadline: 5 June
Some university applicants need to reply to their offers today.

Does learning a language keep your brain young?
Keeping your brain healthy could be yet another reason to learn a second language, according to a new study.