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Which are the greenest universities?
Plymouth University is top of a survey to find the British universities with the cleanest environmental credentials – although many universities didn't take part.

Why does an American university want people to post them soil?
Researchers are calling for donations of dirt from around the world in the hope of discovering new drugs.

Why are more students getting firsts?
A record number of students got top marks for their degree last year.

How extra-curricular activities can help you get into university
A survey of admissions departments shows that achievements outside school are more important than ever when applying to university.

Do you have enough 'soft skills'?
A new campaign by employers aims to highlight the importance of 'soft skills' like communication and time management.

UCAS application deadline: Thursday 15 January
Applications for most university courses need to be in by 6pm on Thursday, 15th January.

More new jobs for graduates this year
The number of graduate jobs on offer is expected to rise in 2015.

Student Loans Company issues fraud warning
The SLC is warning students to be aware of scams around the start of term.

Can you drink sewage?
A machine which turns human waste into safe drinking water could help poor communities in the Third World.

£35,000 a year private medical school gets 500 applications
The first private medicine course in Britain since the 1940s has proven more popular than expected.