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Are these the worst exam mistakes of the year?
Nobody relishes the idea of making a mistake on an important exam - but some mistakes are stranger than others.

Would you change your accent for a job interview?
According to a new survey, most people are willing to change how they speak to make a better impression - but many wish they didn't have to.

What should you ask at a university open day?
The University and College Union (UCU) wants potential students to ask awkward questions when they visit universities.

Fake government websites uncovered
Five people have been arrested for running fake government websites that tricked users out of money.

Beer CV secures job
A Canadian designer has found a job by printing his CV on a four-pack of beer.

More students satisfied with university
Students are generally happier with their courses than a decade ago.

90% of students can’t budget confidently
Only one in 10 students are confident about budgeting, and half run out of money before their second loan instalment, according to a new survey.

Why are rooks so clever?
The British Trust for Ornithology wants your help to find out.

What is flexible working?
All employees now have the right to request flexible working - but what does that mean?

Are students too optimistic about their job prospects?
Many misunderstand their chances of getting a graduate job, according to a new survey.