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Do students need help with their laundry?
A university has issued advice to new students to make sure they don’t get into hot water with their washing machines.

Could working unusual hours be bad for your brain?
A new study found that people doing shift work did worse on tests of thinking speed and memory.

What makes music catchy?
Scientists are researching why certain songs stick in your head.

Should alcoholic drinks have their calories labelled?
Doctors at the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) say that alcoholic drinks should be labelled with how many calories they contain.

Fraudsters using fake phone numbers to steal bank details
Fraudsters are faking numbers on caller ID to con money out of victims.

Do you want to get into a top university or career?
Applications for the Social Mobility Foundation’s 2015 programmes are now open.

New supercomputer will improve weather forecasts
British weather is notoriously unpredictable – but a new supercomputer could make forecasts much more accurate.

Did gladiators drink energy drinks?
The ancient Roman fighters drank a mixture of ash and vinegar to keep their energy levels up.

How does your university affect the financial support you get?
A new report suggests big gaps between the financial support available at different universities.

What's the best music to work to?
Different types of music are better for working on different types of tasks, but any is better than no music at all.