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National Student Money Week 2015 launches
National Student Money Week runs from February 9 to 13.

Should universities provide beds for students?
Sleepy students at University of East Anglia who feel like dropping off in lectures can now drop into a room with a bed on campus.

Are universities changing their courses unfairly?
An investigation by Which? has found that many students could face changes to their courses during their studies.

Which university has the highest paid graduates?
Students from the London Business School earn the most money on average.

What would you do if your exam was impossible?
Economics students at Sheffield University say that their exam covered material they had never come across before.

Record numbers apply to university
Over 592,000 students have applied to start studying full-time courses in September.

Are part-time students less likely to get the best degrees?
Data suggests that part-time students got fewer high-class degrees than full-time students last year.

How long do employers spend looking at CVs?
You have just under nine seconds to impress.

More companies planning to recruit school-leavers
A survey of graduate recruiters suggests that companies may be more willing to offer jobs and training to people who don't want to go to university.

Do you want a website to help you get a job?
Be part of an exciting new project to develop a Europe-wide online learning community around improving employability skills.