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Which universities are best for employability?
A new survey across 20 countries looks at which universities provide the most employable graduates.

What are the top universities for nightlife, sports and politics?
More than 12,500 undergraduate students have participated in a survey ranking the top universities across several categories.

Student loans to be available for postgraduate courses
From 2016, postgraduate students under 30 will be able to apply for student loans.

How do you afford university?
One in 10 students say they cannot afford to continue at university.

Could students decide the next election?
A report suggests that students could tip the balance in the next general election – but many aren't registered to vote.

Should puns be banned?
The Chinese government is trying to stop people using wordplay.

Which job earns the most money?
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed the ten best paying jobs in the UK.

What is the number one city in the world to be a student?
London comes number three in a list of the top cities for students in the world.

Are you interested in on-the-job training in the technology field?
Degree apprenticeships in the digital sector are being launched with the possibility of extending to other fields.

Is there a worse job than a 'paintball tester'?
A paintball company is advertising a part-time job testing paintballs.