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Cambridge comes top of latest university league table
The university is number one in the Complete University Guide rankings for the fourth year running.

Do young people think carefully enough about university?
The head of UCAS says that some students who don't think carefully enough about their course choice could face serious consequences.

Get a refund on your TV licence
Students can get money back on their TV licence to cover the summer holidays.

Does TV make people want to study science?
TV stars and shows like Professor Brian Cox and The Big Bang Theory are encouraging more students to apply for STEM subjects, but they still have an image problem for girls.

Should Dizzee Rascal be studied for A-level English?
The new English A-level course aims to include more contemporary figures and texts.

Can ageing be reversed?
Scientists have fought some symptoms of old age in mice using blood from younger specimens.

The scientific way to win at rock-paper-scissors
Mathematicians believe it’s possible to predict what your opponent will do.

Could smart umbrellas improve weather forecasts?
Brollies kitted out with sensors could help to replace expensive equipment.

Which degrees have the highest starting salary?
Medicine and engineering students earn the most immediately after graduating.

Why are fewer people studying part-time?
A study suggests that economic trouble is the main reason for fewer people studying part-time in England.