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Design a tax system and win £20,000
Professional services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers is holding a competition for students to help them build a UK tax system fit for the future.

Why were hundreds of items only 1p on Amazon?
Christmas shoppers may have spotted a bargain when prices were accidentally cut as low as they could go.

How much do students spend at Christmas?
Presents and socialising cost the average student £170 over the festive period.

Do higher salaries make maths courses more appealing?
A study suggests that students are more likely to take maths at A-level if they know how it could affect their future salaries.

Why are Oxbridge interview questions so odd?
Interviews for both Oxford and Cambridge University applicants are held in December. While many have heard horror stories, is there logic behind the brain-teasing questions?

Do you need a degree to get a job?
A new study shows how going to uni affects your job prospects.

Why do more girls want to go to university than boys?
Female students are 9% more likely to say they want to enter higher education.

Which universities are best for employability?
A new survey across 20 countries looks at which universities provide the most employable graduates.

What are the top universities for nightlife, sports and politics?
More than 12,500 undergraduate students have participated in a survey ranking the top universities across several categories.

Student loans to be available for postgraduate courses
From 2016, postgraduate students under 30 will be able to apply for student loans.