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How was the moon made?
Scientists claim to have proof that the moon was created from the wreckage of the Earth crashing into another planet.

UCAS reply deadline: 5 June
Some university applicants need to reply to their offers today.

Does learning a language keep your brain young?
Keeping your brain healthy could be yet another reason to learn a second language, according to a new study.

Why are more students complaining about their university than ever before?
Universities have received a record number of complaints from students in the past year.

New students should apply for student finance as soon as possible
The student finance application deadline has passed, but it's not too late – apply as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Why it’s important to tailor your CV
Sending the same CV to different employers means graduates are damaging their chances of getting a job, says a new report.

Is Wikipedia bad for your health?
Research suggests that information about health and illness on Wikipedia is unreliable.

Should students drink less alcohol?
The NUS has launched a campaign to tackle binge drinking.

Where can you go for careers advice?
A survey shows that parents and teachers are the most popular sources of careers advice – but are they the best?

Which singer has the greatest vocal range?
Axl Rose has managed to hit more notes than other pop and rock stars in his career.