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October 10 is World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day shines a spotlight on mental health education, awareness and advocacy.

Are you a girl interested in engineering?
Solve an engineering challenge to win money for you and your school.

Minimum wage for apprentices to rise
From next year, apprentices under the age of 18 will earn around £1 extra an hour.

What are the most common spelling mistakes?
A survey has revealed the words people are most likely to spell wrong.

Which universities offer students the best quality of life?
Loughborough University has come out on top in the annual University Quality of Student Life Survey.

What is a planet?
Academics are arguing over whether Pluto counts as a ‘proper’ planet or not.

Another reason not to buy essays online
Essay-writing services charge high prices for bad essays, according to a new report.

Why is Cheryl Cole the most ‘dangerous’ celebrity on the internet?
Cyber-criminals are using popular celebrities’ names to lead people to dangerous sites.

How much do people spend on alcohol?
According to a new survey, British people spend an average of £787 a year on alcohol.

What are ‘good’ mosquitos?
Scientists in Brazil have released thousands of mosquitos that can fight disease instead of spreading it.