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How long do great white sharks live?
The fallout from nuclear bomb tests has revealed that the marine predator can live for over 70 years.

What can an online game tell you about studying?
Scientists have used an online game to investigate how people learn new skills.

Why is North America in deep freeze?
Heavy snowfall and record temperatures as low as -26C are affecting parts of Canada and the USA. Find out why.

Why a dead goldfish won't get you out of your taxes
The worst excuses for sending in your tax return late have been collected by the HMRC.

Merry Christmas from Brightside
Everyone at Brightside would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

More students going to university than ever before
UCAS says a record number of students were accepted onto full-time degrees in 2013.

Can your name make you sick?
A study found that people with the surname Brady are more likely to have a condition called bradycardia.

Why are penguins like traffic jams?
Scientists have been studying how the birds keep warm.

New government programme aims to connect unis and business start-ups
'University enterprise zones' will include spaces to help graduates start their own businesses.

Could life exist on Jupiter’s moon?
A team of researchers believe that they have discovered eruptions of water on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope show...