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Student loans privatization cancelled
The plan to sell off some student debt has been scrapped by the government.

Can tired people be trusted?
Research suggests that disrupting your natural sleep cycle can make you more likely to lie or cheat.

Can student unions reduce tuition fees?
A study in South Korea suggests that even the most active student unions struggle to stop tuition fees from rising.

How to make cheese without cows
A group of scientists plans to make real cheese without the need for animals to produce milk.

What are students' most prized possessions?
A new survey suggests that a laptop is a students best friend – and more students own a TV than a bike.

Does Britain need a spaceport?
The government says that the UK's first spaceport will be built by 2018.

Is pollen bad for your grades?
Research suggests that students with hay fever are more likely to struggle with summer exams.

Are these the worst exam mistakes of the year?
Nobody relishes the idea of making a mistake on an important exam - but some mistakes are stranger than others.

Would you change your accent for a job interview?
According to a new survey, most people are willing to change how they speak to make a better impression - but many wish they didn't have to.

What should you ask at a university open day?
The University and College Union (UCU) wants potential students to ask awkward questions when they visit universities.