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What's the world's favourite number?
More people have an ‘emotional connection’ to seven than any other number.

What happens if you don't repay your student loan?
New research says that almost three quarters of graduates won't repay their student loan in full. But how will this affect them?

Why are zebras stripy?
The animals might have evolved their markings to protect themselves from bloodsucking flies.

How a small part of your brain can make you more likely to gamble
New research identifies a part of the brain that might make people believe they can beat the odds.

How important are a university’s facilities when picking where to study?
The state of libraries and other buildings and services are a crucial factor in university choice.

The worst excuses for not paying the minimum wage
HMRC has revealed the worst excuses given by employers who don't pay the minimum wage.

Does exercise improve your memory?
Staying healthy now could keep your brain in peak condition in 25 years’ time.

How many people lie about their degree results?
Research suggests that around one in every 12 degrees claimed by job applicants is inaccurate.

Do you have an idea for a digital business?
The iDEA programme can help you turn it into a reality – and a £15,000 prize.

Why would you find the surface of Mars in Stevenage?
The surface of Mars has been recreated to test-drive a new rover.