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Codebreakers wanted for the Queen's Code Book Challenge

Jul 15, 2011

Bletchley ParkA new code-breaking challenge comes straight from the top. Read on to find out how you can take part.

Today, the Queen is visiting Bletchley Park, the place where World War II codebreakers worked. The cryptographers there were able to decode enemy messages, and are credited which shortening the war by two to four years. At the same time, they laid the foundations for the computer science of today.

In celebration of the visit, and of the history of Bletchley Park, the Queen has released a code book containing seven messages encoded using the kind of techniques used during World War II.

Anyone can download the code book and have a go at cracking the codes it contains, but for those aged 13-16 years there's an extra challenge. The seventh and final message is a question. Those who decipher the code can email in their answer to this question for the chance of winning a mystery prize.

If you want to take the Queen's Code Book Challenge, take a look at the official web page to download the book and find more details on how to enter the competition.

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